Measure turbidity to four decimal places.
It enables you to monitor the quality of water which is good to drink or not.

Turbidity Checker (Middle Range) TSC Series

High cost performance model with separate transmitter and detector.

Turbidity Checker (High Range) TC Series

It is a compact turbidity meter that can be used as a sensor. Continuous monitoring with no complicated set up and maintenance.

SS Checker (Middle Range) TCS?Series

Compact size of Φ32 mm. Easy maintenance with wiper cleaning method.
Advanced version of high performance SS sensor. We have achieved maintenance-free compact size.

SS Checker (High Range) TS?Series

Pursuing a balance between required functions and cost, and delivering a high level of cost performance.

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor DOS?Series

Easy Installation, Simple Operation. Maintenance long-term unnecessary.

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